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Get accurate height of iframe of cross domain with no scroll

Create first webpage and include below code into this page

window.addEventListener('message', receiveMessage, false);

function receiveMessage(evt)
    alert("got message: ";

Now create another webpage on other domain that you going to call in iframe inside first page and include below code into this page.

window.parent.postMessage('Hello Parent Frame!', '*');

when you will view first page , a message will be sent by cross domain webpage inside iframe and your first page will receive it and generate a alert.

you can change this alert event to some other even easily by editing first page code.

How to save bandwidth when using Skype

Recently I had a problem with Skype and how it uses bandwidth. If your ISP doesn`t limit your traffic you have no idea how lucky you are. However if your traffic is limited, using Skype and video chat it will probably eat a lot of bandwidth. If you`re using a 3G or 4G Internet Surf stick you`re probably being limited to 1,3,5,10,20 GB – month depending on what plan you`ve selected.

You can save bandwidth with Skype by applying those three methods, I`ve searched on the Internet for others but I couldn`t find any other suggestions, if you have any of them feel free to leave a comment.

1. Whenever you can try to initiate only voice calls, without video, it will save your bandwidth as in video mode, Skype will use up to 6 times more bandwidth. I`ve learned from my experience that if you will use an advanced web camera with a better resolution such as HD ( High Definition ) it will eat even more bandwidth, I don`t know how much exactly but I can give you the following example :

A. You can use a third party application such as CCleaner which allows you to disable programs from startup. If you already have CCleaner installed here`s how do to it :

Open “ CCleaner“ – go to – “Tools“ – select – “Startup“ – locate Skype in that list – click on – “Disable“

B. Do this manually, it should work in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Click on Windows Start button – in the search box type – msconfig - hit “ENTER“ – go to – “Startup“ tab – locate Skype – make sure that you “UNCHECK“ Skype – click on “Apply“ – Select – “OK“. ( A restart will be required ).

c. Disable Skype Super Nodes. This is an option that allows Skype software to use your computer as a Super-Node. It is not sure how it will give this attribute to your computer but if you have a fast Internet Connection it will probably be enough. Skype will use ports 443 and 80 which will route traffic from other users that can`t access these ports. It`s a system that helps their network but it can seriously damage your bandwidth and you don`t want this if your traffic is limited such as the one from a 3G – 4G Internet Stick. Here`s how you can prevent-disable this feature:

Open “Skype“ – go to “Tools“ tab – select “Advanced“ option – click on “Connection“ – from there – uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections“ and click “Save“.

That`s how you can prevent Skype to use a lot of traffic or should I say to limit-minimize the bandwidth usage for this application. Unfortunately I`ve learn all of these things due to fact that I use a 3 G Internet Connection ( mobile ) and as you probably know every MB is important when your bandwidth is limited.