Chrome Spy mode (incognito mode) for safe browsing in ubuntu

For safe browsing in Chrome there is a special mode called “incognito mode”, just like Firefox you can do private browsing.

Here i will explain you how to do this in ubuntu

To do safe browsing for just of few time use can use “New incognito window”. to do so you have to click on ranch on the right side of chrome, than click on new incognito window that will open an other tab. Everything you do in incognito mode nothing will be saved except bookmarks.

If you want to do internet surfing mostly but in incognito mode that you should create a special link on your desktop or panel.

To start chrome by default in incognito (spy) mode

1. Add a new chrome link to panel, because we are going to modify it.

2. Now, right-click on that icon and select property option and you will get this type of window.

3. Now you have to paste the line given below at end in command section (area) :

 –incognito %s

after pasting line in the command section should be something like this

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome –incognito %s

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