Free Operating system – no Piracy anymore

Hi there, Here we will provide you solution of piracy. You will never need to do piracy for your PC, Desktop, Notebook.
Go Opensource, Try Free Application with Free Operating system. There are mainly type of Operating system

  1. Windows
  2. Unix
  3. Linux
  4. Solaris
  5. Free BSD
  6. Haiku
  7. Mac OS

Most of them are free to Use, Share, Distribute, Modify. Actually only Windows and Mac OS is not Free.

I prefer to use Ubuntu, because its Free of-course, easy to use, good looking, and 99% applications of this operating system is free to install and modify. So, after installing Ubuntu there will be no need to do piracy.
and you will be free from any Application Licence Issues. To Download Ubuntu free online click here

You will download an image file (iso, bin, etc.) . So, you will be need an empty cd to burn (write ) this file to it. Click on link below to seee how to do this

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