Setup wordpress ( new to wordpress ) beginner

     Just like u I have started the WordPress. Now I will explain u everything I have learnt during rnd and tutorials I studied about WordPress.
       WordPress is just a beautiful simple cms( content management system) . Its really good for a designer to understand and able to develop their templates into WordPress. You should be able to understand few things before u can start WordPress.
  1. HTML
2. CSS
3. PHP ( understanding)
And designing also , if u r a designer.  Now for learning means or developing we setup cms on local system(PC) using installation of pre configured server environment software , u can use ‘xampp’ or ‘wamp’ . See their tutorial of xampp installation. Now as their installation tutorial u installed xampp on ur c drive . Now go to the installation folder
C:/xampp/htdocs or www folder
U can download WordPress installation folder from below link
Now extract that download folder and copy to www folder in your swamp installation folder. After this your folder structure should be like:
Www/WordPress/some PHP files and folders
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