Speed Up Internet

Windows 2k/XP

1. First, open the Windows Registry using Regedit, and (after backing up) navigate to:
2. Note the following lines (all hex dwords):
Class = 008 ( biggrin.gif – indicates that TCP/IP is a name service provider, don’t change
LocalPriority = 1f3 (499) – local names cache
HostsPriority = 1f4 (500) – the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 7d0 (2000) – DNS
NetbtPriority = 7d1 (2001) – NetBT name-resolution, including WINS
3. What we’re aiming to do is increase the priority of the last 4 settings, while keeping their order. The valid range is from -32768 to +32767 and lower numbers mean higher priority compared to other services. What we’re aiming at is lower numbers without going to extremes, something like what’s shown below should work well:
4. Change the “Priority” lines to:
LocalPriority = 005 (5) – local names cache
HostsPriority = 006 (6) – the HOSTS file
DnsPriority = 007 (7) – DNS
NetbtPriority = 008 ( biggrin.gif – NetBT name-resolution, including WINS
5. Reboot for changes to take effect

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